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Horokane and Internet Defamation Exposed

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Troll Triad, an iPredator sub-construct exploring online groups who defame others, also includes the identities and events related to my Internet Trolls. Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane of “WarOnWeThePeople” and Michael Vara of LNM Radio Network (aka, Late Night in the Midlands) are three divisive online users who continue to slander and defame iPredator Inc., our internet safety initiatives and myself. Whereas, initially I thought they were posturing to meet criteria for iPredator Bridge, but then their internet defamation campaigns elevated their online assailant statuses to iPredators. Horowitz, Kane, Vara and their blind faith supporters have entered the realm I study, investigate and help protect others from, seven days a week, since authoring iPredator in 2010 and establishing iPredator Inc. in 2011.

Note to Reader: Just as all past, present and future content we publish, involving the named online user and their affiliates; this information is DMCA compliant and a statement of fact. All content contained herein exercised due diligence and serves as a defensive measure in response to the named online user’s disinformation campaigns and false statements of fact.

To quickly recap, in their December 2014 psychopathological attempt at character assassination, Leonard George Horowitz authored, publically published and sent the NYS Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline a 177-page diatribe of paranoid themed nonsense. Typical of most Internet Trolls who are cowards by rarely alerting the target of their online psychopathic activities, I would have been clueless if it were not for my Google Alerts emailing my daily search results. To my chagrin, Len Horowitz filed an urgent complaint requesting the State of New York revoke my license and launch a criminal investigation purporting that I’m “engaging in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person”. As preposterous as this may sound, reality is sometimes more fantastic than fiction.

For those of you who think I may be exaggerating or not yet read my Troll Triad paper; provided below is a link to Exhibit-1, which is the 1st page of Len Horowitz’s manifesto to the NYS Education Department. I also provide here a link to my secure copy of his full 177-page manifesto to download or review. Sherri Kane and Michael Vara were cc’d his complaint, which can be confirmed by scrolling to the base of page 8. If you do choose to open or download his off the wall manifesto, it is 177 pages and may take a minute to fully open. If not interested, here is Exhibit-63, which is a screenshot image captured from page 8.

exhibit 63-dr. leonard horowitz-sherri kane-horokane-lnm radio network-troll triad-defamation-ipredator

As stated, amid my December 2014 Troll Triad character assassination and internet defamation attacks, Leonard George Horowitz authored, publicly published and sent the New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline a 177-page diatribe of paranoid themed content aimed at having my license to practice as a psychologist revoked. I don’t know Leonard Horowitz, have no affiliation with him and never even met the man other than knowing his identity from the world of internet radio.

If you’ve already read my paper or visited our Troll Triad webpages, you’ll know Dr. Leonard Horowitz has been profiled as the Cerebral archetype in the Troll Triad concept. Although I’m not likely to ever find out if he actually believes in his ludicrous accusations, fellow associates and myself have compiled an enormous database of information that can only be described as bizarre, strange and unusual. As I’m sure the Triad’s neurotic needs for recognition, acceptance and habitual admiration from their  admirers will continue, ongoing installments throughout the year are highly probable.This blog article is a follow-up to my Troll Triad paper and web pages.


Horowitz Authored, Kane Endorsed, Vara Supported Complaint-1st Page Image

Horowitz, Kane & Vara 177 Page NYS Education Department Complaint

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In addition to being an iPredator, Leonard Horowitz confirms that my recently authored Troll Triad construct may have some merit. As of the date this blog post was published on January 21, 2015, their bizarre accusations and bogus allegations that I’m a white supremacist, anti-semitic, cyberstalker and a member of a covert federal agency assigned to shut down Michael Vara’s show and website are guaranteed to be their next bogus campaign.

Troll Triad is a cyber psychology, forensics and group-profiling construct introducing a three-pronged archetypal model defining groups of online users who engage in defamation of character, slander & libel. Troll Triad is not just a facetious term describing my three small-minded cowards. Troll Triad attempts to introduce and describe groups of online users who use Information and Communications Technology to defame, manipulate, curry favor and seek support from other like-minded online users. Troll Triad is also a conceptual framework and template describing how future groups of successful iPredators will be partitioned into three archetypal segments.

This troika includes the Cerebral, Provocateur and Crier archetypes. When these three elements mix correctly, the Troll Triad becomes a masterpiece of human predation alchemy. The Cerebral, Provocateur and Crier typologies, in the Troll Triad, are archetypes and segments of groups who are allied in a mission to defame, disparage and destroy their target’s online reputation and trust. The Troll Triad is an archetypal model that can describe three like-minded people or an entire nation bound by the same goal of harming other nations. In relationship to my trolls, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane & Michael Vara, it does not take long to identify each of their positions quickly within the Troll Triad. Len Horowitz is the Cerebral. Sherri Kane is the Provocateur and Michael Vara is the Crier.

Leonard Horowitz’s Suspected Archetype


Within the archetypal Information Age concept of Troll Triad, the Cerebral is the online user who serves as either the architect of the defamation and disinformation campaign, a front of legitimacy justifying the denigration and fraudulent crusade or a combination of the two. The Cerebral does not need to be adept at using Information and Communications Technology as their success is measured by how quickly others validate the group’s nefarious online activities from a cognitive standpoint. The Cerebral does not have to be formally educated with advanced academic degrees, so as long as they are charismatic and intriguing in online or offline public forums. The Cerebral is best described as the “brains of the online operation”.

Whether the Cerebral is 1 person or 1001 people, their goal is to rationalize successfully to others, using their intellectual prowess, validation why the Triad must defame and destroy their target. The Cerebral is least likely of the Triad to display fits of anger or rage in offline and online forums. It is in private and with other Triad members when they feel secure enough to release their internal feelings of rage and discontent. As presented in my Troll Triad paper, Leonard Horowitz fits the Cerebral Troll Triad archetype perfectly. To support my belief he serves as the Cerebral in the Troll Triad construct, provided here are brief bullet points for your review.

Horowitz authored the NYS Education Department complaint intending to revoke my license and alleging I was involved in serious criminal activities. Although his working knowledge of how to properly compose a legal document is amateur at best, he is proficient enough to lead the untrained eye to think his documents are legitimate. As a forensic psychologist who is experienced at deciphering the legalese used by attorneys and court systems, it took me a matter of minutes to conclude the good Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a novice legal document author. Horowitz obsessively reminds others that he is the premiere authority on whatever topic he pontificates upon, while making sure to promote his products and services that have minimal to no evidence of their clinical effectiveness to consumers.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the father of psychoanalysis, postulated that humans use a defense mechanism he called Projection. According to Freud, Projection occurs when a person accuses others of the exact same nefarious and anti-social activities they’re engaging in to control and manipulate others. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they blame others and never make positive changes for themselves. Although Projection is part of the human condition, behavioral scientists believe the more a person uses Projection, the greater chance he or she suffers from psychopathology or hides criminal intent.

Applying this construct to Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s recent behaviors, the accusations about me centers around my high likelihood of causing others harm. Now, take a look at this screenshot image that was captured on December 21, 2014 from one of his commercial websites. As of January 25 2015, a recent check verifies that this same image is still posted. As you can see in the description under his headshot, Leonard Horowitz not only has an MBA, but holds two doctoral degrees in media health promotion and the behavioral sciences.

For a small cost and sometimes free, anyone can contact a college or university to verify past enrollment, dates of attendence and completed degrees. What’s interesting is that Harvard has no record of Leonard Horowitz earning any degree at all. Not a 2 year Associates Degree, a 4 year Bachelors Degree or non-Matriculated student certifications. It will be interesting to see how Leonard Horowitz uses Projection to externalize blame for grossly falsifying his academic background. Hopefully, the Troll Triad will cease and resist from their defamatory attacks preventing myself from having to publish more of his lies.

Leonard Horowitz Harvard Degrees Falsely Advertised?


Leonard Horowitz Harvard Degrees Actually Earned?



Horowitz incessantly bloviates that he is Harvard trained and/or a Harvard graduate. Our evidence confirms he is not a Harvard graduate or holds a degree from any other ivy league schools for that matter. In fact, our research shows he was a student at Harvard for a brief period and did not graduate with any degrees or certifications of any kind. With such a limited time attending Harvard many years ago, one has to question why his brief time there is mentioned in every single online interview and written content him and his partner, Sherri Kane publishes. Before moving on, provided here is a screenshot image captured on January 21, 2014 from their website called “Pharma Whores“. As you can see, Leonard Horowitz has not just one, but also two doctoral degrees and a master’s degree in behavioral science and media health promotion from Harvard University School of Public Health.

Recently emailed to me from an iPredator team member, provided below is the link to an internet radio interview Leonard Horowitz participated in available on YouTube. If you fast-forward to the third minute, you’ll hear the show host read Horowitz’s boilerplate media biography used for his introduction. Within 30 seconds, the host not only reads that Horowitz is an internationally known authority in behavioral science, public health, emerging diseases and natural healing, a filmmaker and author, and that many people consider him to be one of the most credentialed and accomplished critics of the pharmaceutical cartels and has been honored as being a world leading intellectual by officials of the World Organization of Natural Medicine. Of course, let us not forget that the host unknowingly regurgitates that he is a graduate of Harvard University.

To date, my associates and I have compiled 23 written, audio and video instances of Horowitz, Sherri Kane & Michael Vara overtly lying about his academic background and achievements. If you have the constitution to listen to two hours of this interview, you’ll come to learn how Leonard Horowitz and the Troll Triad Cerebral archetype use their intellectual prowess to exert their pseudo-sense of power, control and advanced aptitudes.


Leonard Horowitz, YouTube Internet Radio Interview Jan 15, 2015

Spirit Science, Weaponized Sound & the Frequency Conspiracy

iPredator Inc. associates, supporters and myself only present evidence in our blog posts and pages that have been investigated with due diligence. Every exhibit, observation and hypothesis we publish has been verified as being highly probable. Having learned about the unethical, felonious and defamatory practices used by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Michael Vara

The amount of evidence that has been compiled confirming Leonard Horowitz, Cheri Cain, Michael Vara and a choice selection of their supporters is extensive. What has been published to date in our online pages and posts is approximately 30-40% of evidentiary data. Although I am their primary target and their defamatory noise has only created more support from the online community, I would still prefer they move on so I may get back to the business at hand of why iPredator Inc. was established. Unfortunately, the Troll Triad and their parasitic goals are not likely to terminate for the foreseeable future.

It is only a matter of time before they launch their defamation campaigns, while will accuse those of us who are intolerant to their rubbish as co-conspirators. When that time arrives, we will respond accordingly. Presented here are iPredator related definitions relevant to understanding the Troll Triad construct and three sad examples of Information Age adults known as Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Michael Vara of Late Night in the Midlands.


Troll Triad – Cyber Social Psychology Concept

Troll Triad is a cyber social psychology concept describing how groups of online users use Information and Communications Technology to manipulate, slander, defame and character assassinate their targets. Troll Triad posits that members within these groups assume archetypal roles and functions in their internet defamation and denigration campaigns.

Furthermore, images, links and all Troll Triad themed posts in Google+ and other social networking sites iPredator Inc. associates, advocates and I use serve as an internet safety alert and historical record documenting recent character assassination attacks by Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Michael Vara and Late Night in the Midlands internet radio show listeners. All pages, images and content are free to download and disseminate for educational, legal and investigative purposes. At the base of our iPredator, Dark Psychology, and Dr. Internet Safety web pages listed below, interested parties can direct download the Troll Triad paper in PDF. No personal information whatsoever is required to download.

“In cyberspace, disinformation is the art and science of effectively mixing truth, observation and generally accepted assumptions with felonious conclusions, illusions and lies. When combined with the veil of anonymity in cyberspace, the final preparation becomes a dish impossible to refuse by the growing population of information addicted gluttons called humanity.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)

Note: Troll Triad page content at the iPredator, Dark Psychology & Dr. Internet Safety sites is mostly the same. They are slightly formatted and designed differently. To direct download my formal PDF paper, simply scroll to the base of any of these three pages and click on the blue and yellow three-triangle image. Please share, “like” or “+1” if you find the information useful. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. If you prefer to download my paper from alternative sources, you can visit the links here to my Scribd and Academia.edu accounts. Not being 100% sure of their guidelines for download, you may or may not need an account with them to download the paper there. The third option is to Google “Troll Triad” and you should see first page direct downloads from our Google Drive accounts requiring no personal information either. For Troll Triad, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Horokane, Michael Vara and LNM Radio Network images, feel free to visit our Pinterest or Flickr links provided.


Freedom of Speech ≠ Freedom to Slander!

With the help of iPredator associates, we were able to locate and verify “www dot Paul Sulla Censured dot com” as the starting point for the Troll Triad’s noxious content. This website is owned by two members of the Troll Triad, Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Hidden among their pages of paranoid themed and felonious content, we located the original copy of Horowitz’s delusional file sent to the NYS Education Department urgently requesting they revoke my license to practice in New York.

Although their “Paul Sulla Censured” domain is hosted by a company in the Bahamas and privately registered, iPredator Inc. was still successful in confirming Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane as the domain owners and authors of their off the wall allegations.

iPredator Inc. does not intend to help their page ranking by publishing the direct link. You are welcomed to review or download our secured copy. Within one minute, you’ll see why a Hawaiian judge called their civil suit and accusations “Delusional“. In his own words and available to read his words by clicking on the next, Leonard Horowitz unsuccessfully attempts to martyr himself by documenting a federal judge defined his legal filings as delusional. Help iPredator Inc. confront these geriatric trolls, LNM Radio Network and all iPredators who engage in deviant online activities. Our Google URL Shortened link is as follows:

Google URL Shortened Link: http://goo.gl/VRuHzr


Internet Defamation

Internet Defamation (aka, Online Defamation): Internet Defamation is a felonious statement of fact using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is published or disseminated to a third party in a careless or intentional manner and causes injury or damage to the subject of the statement. Internet Libel and Slander are different types of Defamation. Libel is a written defamatory statement, and slander is an oral defamatory statement.

“Whether used to influence the masses or in cyberspace to persuade others into divulging confidential or sensitive information, social engineering requires psychological manipulation to control a person, group or nation. In the Information Age, children can be just as effective at social engineering as adults and cause driven groups.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)


Internet Troll

Internet Troll: An Internet Troll is a colloquial expression used to define an online user who uses Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to purposely and actively provoke, defame, anger, tease, flame, or incite other online users. More often than not, the Internet Troll does not know the target recipient(s) of their vitriolic statements and behaviors. Internet Trolls regularly appear in all forms of online mediums ranging from online video gaming gatherings to chatroom and forum discussions.

When the Internet Troll’s inflammatory statements and actions do not include a direct or implied physical threat to the target(s), their behavior is categorizes as cyber harassment. If the Troll’s verbal assaults include direct or implied physical threats to their target(s), their actions are then defined as cyberstalking. The motivations for an Internet Troll’s provocative, and often times, bizarre behaviors are numerous. Despite the variations in modus operandi, the vast majority of Trolls are seeking attention, recognition, stimulation pseudo-notoriety and retribution for some unknown perceived injustice.

Although there is no hard evidence or clinical research validating the psychology of the Internet Troll, it is commonly believed that the “Veil of Anonymity” afforded to every online user inspires some to engage in egregious behaviors. Those who have begun to investigate the etiology of the Troll suggest that the anonymity of the internet contributes to what has been called, disinhibition effect. It has been postulated that internet anonymity leads some to behave in asocial ways coupled with a lack of guilt or remorse for the harm they cause not being in the target’s physical presence or even knowing their identity.


Horowitz, Kane & Vara, The HoroDefame

In conclusion, Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane (aka, “Horokane“, “War on We the People”), Michael Vara, Ryan Gable and some of their blind faith listeners of the LNM Radio Network (aka, Late Night in the Midlands) are a group of adults who have been targeting iPredator Inc. and myself since late August 2014. I’ve come to learn there are many others as well before we came along. These people use internet radio, defamation, disinformation, slander, plagiarism and litigation threats to control, manipulate and subjugate those they fear.

If they’re not driven by fear or an undetermined psychopathology, then they must be engaging in anti-social online activities to personally or financially benefit by creating “us vs. them” adversarial relationships. Although I’m positive their shenanigans will continue, I’m thankful to all of them for serving as realistic examples of the Cerebral, Provocateur and Crier archetypes forming the Troll Triad construct.

As a sub construct of iPredator, members of the Troll Triad are heavily dependent upon finding targets that will have a low probability of exposing their defamatory campaigns and ludicrous accusations using material evidence and exhibits that would be evidentiary in any trial settings. Although I’m a forensic psychologist who has learned to compile evidence and author forensic evaluations that must stand cross-examination by opposing counsel in a potential trial settings, my investigational methods can be learned by any potential target and summarized by two words. These two words and term is “Due Diligence”. Due Diligence as defined by Merriam-Webster is as follows:

  1. The care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property
  2. Research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.

Due Diligence is what Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Michael Vara and their supporters do not practice nor fathomed that iPredator Inc. associates and myself live by the edict of Due Diligence. If you take anything from this blog post, I cannot emphasize the importance of practicing due diligence when using information online that you want to be a statement of fact as opposed to, what the Troll Triad habitually disseminates, a false statement of fact. As the founder of iPredator Inc. and author of this post, I hope this will be the last time I’m having to author a post defending our reputation related to the man who has two doctoral degrees and a MBA from Harvard University. This man’s name is Leonard Horowitz and not Dr. Leonard Horowitz.


Click 2 Listen Image-iPredator-Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a NYS licensed psychologist and cyber criminology consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Adler University in 1994. In 2010, Dr. Nuccitelli authored the dark side of cyberspace concept known as “iPredator.” In November 2011, he established iPredator Inc., offering educational, investigative, and advisory services involving criminal psychology, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, online predators, internet trolls, the dark side of cyberspace and internet safety. Dr. Nuccitelli has worked in the mental health field over the last thirty-plus years and has volunteered his time helping cyber-attacked victims since 2010. His goal is to reduce victimization, theft, and disparagement from iPredators.

In addition to aiding citizens & disseminating educational content, Dr. Nuccitelli’s mission is to initiate a sustained national educational and awareness internet safety campaign with the help of private, state, and federal agencies. He is always available, at no cost, to interact with online users, professionals, and the media. To invite Dr. Nuccitelli to conduct training, media engagements, educational services, or consultation, please call him at (347) 871-2416 or via email at drnucc@ipredatorinc.com.


Founded by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., iPredator Inc. is a NYC Internet Safety Company founded to offer educational and advisory products and services to online users and organizations on cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation and online sexual predation. iPredator Inc.’s goal is to reduce victimization, theft, and disparagement from online perpetrators.
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