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Are Michael Vara and LNM Radio Network

Media iPredators?

Authored by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

LNM Radio Network, show host Michael Vara & his Late Night in the Midlands show listeners have successfully shifted my focus away from National Bullying Prevention Month and forced me to navigate thru the dysfunctional world of a 42 year old man with a small internet radio show from West Columbia, South Carolina. Since August 2014, I’ve been harassed, threatened, slandered and accused of everything ranging from being part of a non-existent federal attack group to a thief who has stolen a free public domain character (Troll Man) I created. I’ve had my private emails read verbatim, during a LNM Radio Network show by Michael Vara, to his listeners and friends posting I caused his recent heart attack.

I’m comforted knowing that everything Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara’s listeners throw at me, it is another educational lesson I’m schooled in addressing the darkside of cyberspace. In this paper, I present you with information and events occurring over the last 2+ months and I leave it up to you to make your own conclusions. The goal of this paper is to present recent events in hopes of answering the queries as follows:

Six LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara Queries

Q: Does Michael Vara meet criteria for being considered an iPredator or iPredator Bridge?

Q: Are Michael Vara’s Late Night in the Midlands show listeners being objective or are they perceptually distorted by blind faith and unable to confront his inappropriate public attacks?

Q: Is Michael Vara engaging in Cyber Harassment and Cyberstalking or is he behaving as an Online Psychopath manipulating his LNM Radio listeners into attacking my reputation and iPredator Inc.’s internet safety initiatives?

Q: Is his close friends and financial backers, Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who bloggers call “Paranoid Conspiracy Hounds“, actively assisting him in his disinformation and defamation campaigns or are they not involved?

Q: Does Michael Vara suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or is he simply an unhappy middle-aged man dealing with his finality after suffering a heart attack at such a young age?

Q: Given Michael Vara’s listeners appear to believe in 100% of everything he espouses and never dissenting, do they share common traits?                     

Although I am distracted by a defamation campaign fueled by Michael Vara of Late Night in the Midlands and can’t be focused on National Bullying Prevention Month, I know my academic pursuit has purpose. The purpose being to answer the queries presented, which I believe supports the need for laws defining what is and what is not free speech living in the Information Age.

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Michael Vara-Internet Media iPredator?

I cannot imagine what it would feel like to be a child of the Information Age being targeted in this manner. For if I were a minor being cyberbullied, I’d have to worry about my parents holding me accountable for the attacks or restricting my online privileges. Being an adult of the Information Age, I don’t have to worry about parents or cyberbullying, but now have to be vigilant about protecting my online reputation and iPredator Inc.’s future. Why Michael Vara wastes his time publishing nonsense suggests he’s learned nothing from my many appearances on his show educating his listeners on cyber attack prevention.

Others and I have been successful in having Spreaker & Vimeo delete his two hate speech laced shows and now we move on to YouTube. I have pasted the YouTube links here and I would greatly appreciate help getting these removed. Whereas Michael Vara has ranted on air that Spreaker & Vimeo are infringing upon his free speech, listening to the first 20-30 minutes of the 28th and first 60-70 minutes of the 29th is not free speech, but hate speech and public humiliation. If you do check out these past shows and feel they are defamatory, please give them a “thumbs down”, and report them for removal by clicking on the “more” button under the videos. Of course comments will help as well, but Michael Vara will promptly remove them.

12-25-14 Good News Update

12-25-14 Good News Update: As of the last check on 12/25/14, these two defamation themed LNM shows have finally been removed. Thank you YouTube! Given Michael Vara’s entire YouTube Channel was recently deactivated due to multiple infractions of YouTube’s Terms of Service, there is a high probability that removing these shows were required in order to have his channel reactivated. Given Michael Vara regurgitates live on air that he’s always honest with his listeners and has nothing to hide, do you think he told them the truth? All that matters is that cyber justice has caught up with Michael Vara and his juvenile tactics. Again, iPredator thanks YouTube.

  • Show I Title: Sailing Rocks & Underground Bases 8-28-14
  • YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS54ky5YoYI (Removed)
  • Show II Title: Friday Night Round Table 8-29-14
  • YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL2W76pgqU4 (Removed)

Thank you YouTube!

His actions have not just led to his website being shut down for plagiarism, copyright infringement and hate speech, but now he has transferred his website to a Bahamas based Domain Name Registrar Company, Internet Domain Services BS Corp. With the help of none other than his good friends, Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, via their newest venture at “War We Are The People“, the “three amigos” are a perfect match. So perfect, it’s worth your time to visit their website and watch “Sex Tape Scandal Exposes FBI Sponsored White Supremacy to Damage Whistleblowers“. If you can make it past the first five minutes, you will see where Michael Vara derives his preposterous claims he’s used in his disinformation campaign.

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Michael Vara-Internet Radio Troll?

Presented in this article are defamatory tactics and social engineering themed strategies created, designed and implemented by Michael Vara of  LNM Radio Network with help from Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz,  his listeners and supporters. The tactics presented are not the entirety of his unprofessional and unethical online behaviors, but a mere sampling of what iPredator Inc. associates and I have compiled. The question remains is if a friend and associate for the last three years, Michael Vara, has changed to become an iPredator Bridge online user or iPredator.

After reading this article, I think you may agree that Mr. Vara is behaving in an irrational manner fueled by anger, contempt and narcissism. Unfortunately, LNM Radio Network, his loved ones and LNM Radio Network listeners will do little to confront his childish actions. For those having little history of the LNM Radio Network & iPredator saga, provided are my recent blog posts and pages presenting this drama. Just as all LNM Radio Network information disseminated, my posts and pages were written to protect my reputation and iPredator Inc.’s mission. There is no doubt Michael Vara will distort them into being part of a grand conspiracy scheme designed to target LNM Radio and his listeners. The LNM Radio Network themed posts are as follows:

Dr. Internet Safety LNM Radio Posts

For those who read my posts, you’ll notice Michael Vara & his LNM Radio Troll listeners were categorized as Internet Radio Trolls. Given their recent behaviors, I have seriously considered if they meet criteria for iPredators who would one day engage in cybercriminal activities. Having incorrectly assumed that his antics would subside, Michael Vara & his LNM Radio Troll listeners continue to engage in cyber harassment, online reputation attacks and some of the most felonious disinformation dissemination iPredator and this writer have experienced in 2014.

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Michael Vara & HOROKANE’s Island

Given the Darkside of Cyberspace and Dark Psychology are this writer’s area of research, a note of appreciation is given to Michael Vara. Thanks to him, this extensive report will educate online users about the tactics used by nefarious online users.

Note to Reader: “Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. and the iPredator Inc. associates who assisted in this investigation, verify that all facts and evidence presented were thoroughly substantiated to ensure accuracy. Based on Michael Vara and LNM Radio Network’s recent outlandish claims, it is guaranteed their online barrage of fictitious claims will significantly increase after publishing this report. If at any time an interested party seeks additional data, iPredator Inc. has compiled a database of additional information for dissemination.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)

Dr. Nuccitelli: COINTELPRO Assassin?

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

First, I would like to begin by stating that I, nor anyone I know, personally or professionally, are members of the COINTELPRO, NWO, Illuminati or any other secret societies. In fact, I am a novice when it comes to having a working knowledge about covert federal agencies, secret societies and other paranoia themed conspiracy theories. If I knew beforehand that Michael Vara, Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz would be making these allegations, I would have been spent time learning how to behave like COINTELPRO.

Provided above and below this paragraph are three screen shots of recent Facebook comments, authored by Michael Vara and one of his Schizotypal associates, who allege I’m an active member of CONINTELPRO assigned to shut down LNM Radio Network. As ridiculous as Sherri Kane and Michael Vara’s allegations may sound, the reality is there are thousands of Americans who subscribe to the notion of covert government agencies working to dismantle contemporary society. Often called “sheeple” by Alternative News enthusiasts & Michael Vara, LNM listeners or the “sheeple”, defined by Michael Vara, will believe whatever he broadcasts on air and in written form when posting to his social media accounts.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Leonard Horowitz is educated and trained as a dentist. For unknown reasons, he chose a career involving medical conspiracies, apocalyptic prophesies, the dangers of vaccinations and numerology. Being an intelligent man, he used his new knowledge to create and design a cornucopia of products and services absent of any scientific support. His partner, Sherri Kane, serves as his publicist, main supporter and proverbial enforcer targeting those who disagree with their wildly embellished claims or nefarious disinformation campaigns. What amazes me is I have never met Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz.

Over the last three years, I’ve spoken to them a couple times and found them both to be pleasant people. It wasn’t until Michael Vara began alleging I’m a COINTELPRO agent that Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz began publically alleging the same nonsense. If a person’s past behavior is the best predictor of their future behavior, then it’s only a matter of time before they announce I’m part one of their white supremacy groups or sex ring operations they throw all their adversaries into.

You’ll never view Sherri Kane on camera, radio or in print with Leonard Horowitz, without her first stating that he is one of the world’s leading experts on emerging diseases and covert pharmacy operations. Without sounding too facetious, Sherri Kane’s claims of Leonard Horowitz being a top expert has to be valid because she is, after all, an investigative journalist. I must admit I only spent 3-5 hours investigating her claims without finding one legitimate scientific or medical organization supporting any of their products, services or concepts. I also could not find one investigative report authored by Sherri Kane that has been supported by professionals or legitimate community organizations.

What I did find during my walk down “Horokane” lane is a list of professionals, citizens and organizations they have targeted, defamed and disparaged. A prime example is a person I have never met or spoken with online or offline. Thankfully, the excellent investigative journalism by Sherri Kane and Michael Vara has connected this person to me and we are working together to shut down LNM Radio Network’s show and all Horokane initiatives. The gentleman’s name is A. True Ott, Ph.D. and his doctoral degree is in Nutrition. The grief, frustration and defamation they put Dr. Ott through could easily be a perfect case report addressing my concepts of Cyberstealth and online reputation attacks.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Vara, Kane, Horowitz & Trolls?

In essence, Michael Vara, Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz may be part of the first generation of Internet Trolls to infest cyberspace before the term was even created. It is no wonder why Michael Vara often states, both on air and off air, that Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz are his closest friends and most reliable expert resources. “Birds of a Feather Flock Together“?

Although I am confident these three small time con artists have little impact upon the online community at large, their ability to target and psychologically torment the vulnerable cannot be discounted. In fact, it’s Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz who helped him to re-launch his website after being shut down by Wix.com, Inc. by connecting with the same hosting company they now use for the newest venture they’ve called “War On We The People”.

“A word of advice is to never discount the three inhabitants of “HOROKANE’s Island”, or folks like them, as merely “Cyber Clowns”. The reality is that the darkside of cyberspace allows some clowns to remain hidden behind their online personas and social media profiles. Remember who was hidden behind the mask of  “Pogo the Clown” from the late 1970’s?” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Not knowing or ever having assessed her in a professional setting, I’m unable to professionally state that Michael Vara’s friend, Sherri Kane, suffers from Bipolar Disorder or fueled by a Paranoid Personality Disorder. Spending a little time reading and watching some of Sherri Kane and her partner’s (Dr. Leonard Horowitz) videos will quickly lead you to your own conclusions. It won’t take you long, once Googling their names, that the term Paranoid Conspiracy Hounds” used by several online users describing them becomes the common descriptor for pinpointing their modus operandi. With the support and financial benefits Michael Vara receives from promoting their outlandish goods and services on air, Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and their quackery are jammed down the throats of thousands of online users monthly.

You will be amazed by their plethora of scientifically unsubstantiated products & services they peddle. What is truly fascinating is my observations presented above, profiling Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz, were not solely generated by my research, but from Michael Vara himself. He’ll most certainly deny ever making these comments, during our many long phone conversations, because he would lose their monthly advertising funds he relies upon to keep his radio shows from having to end. If I were to condense and paraphrase all Michael Vara’s comments about Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz into 1-2 sentences, it would read as follows:

Sherri and Len are friends and nice people, but in small doses. A person can only take so much when every word out of one mouth is COINTELPRO and the other mouth bragging about his brilliance and everything OxySilver. Getting a $100+ a month to slap one of their vitamin banners on my site and occasional voice overs are a small price to pay to keep the show going.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Thank You Michael Vara

Again, I must thank Michael Vara and LNM Radio Network for introducing me to the lives and Internet Troll profiles of Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz. As we approach the holidays and if Michael Vara continues with his Troll 101 tactics, I’ll begin to author comprehensive profiles of Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz and their incredibly interesting lifestyles. For your amusement, a small dose of their psychological circus before leaving HOROKANE’s Island is as follows.

Paranoid Conspiracy Hounds

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

The goal of this paper is not to harm Michael Vara, LNM Radio Network, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz or their listeners, but to educate online users about the Darkside of Cyberspace and Online Reputation attacks. In fact, I have publicly stated, and will reiterate again, that iPredator Inc. wishes him and his blind faith minions the best of luck. Even though Michael Vara incites his listeners by habitually announcing that he has uncovered a plot to take down his show, I am both amused and intrigued by learning about his tactics. Not only is his fear mongering creative in content, but effective at motivated his listeners to mobilize and attack.

From an iPredator standpoint, Michael Vara is adept at controlling his listeners by using fear as the primary psychological agitant. Given a large majority of his listeners believe in secret societies, COINTELPRO and the New World Order, he throws all of his adversaries into one of these despised and feared groups. In addition to this grouping tactic, at the same time he intermittently verbalizes that his adversaries are listening, monitoring and spying on him and his vulnerable followers.

The third tactic used in his indoctrination strategy is to then include himself and his listeners in the “we” tense. By using the “we” tense, he creates the illusion of exclusivity in his supporters because they are so adept at understanding the truth of all global events. One of Michael Vara’s favorite on air listener intoxicants paraphrased is “My listeners are the smartest listeners compared to any other radio show.”

What his listeners and Alternative News Media supporters don’t realize is that he has little faith in the subjects typically included in this arena. Of course, he will deny my testimony, derived from the many hours of talking on air and off air over the last three years, but I have no reason to fabricate. On numerous occasions, Michael Vara stated the only subjects of what Alternative News covers are Chemtrails, UFOs and the paranormal.

He is positive Chemtrails are government sponsored related and being used to sedate and control the masses. UFO’s and the paranormal are possible because he experienced both of them first hand. Of the 8-10 other genres Alternative News includes, Michael Vara defined them as highly suspect and used for personal and financial gain by both his weekly guest experts and those seeking to financially benefit from their claims.

LNM Radio Targets iPredator Author

The example Michael Vara uses to allege I am plotting to shut down his show is almost exactly the same strategy used by Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz when they target their victims. If he is not being coached by the “HOROKANE”, then he is engaged in these nefarious activities many times before allowing him to be proficient in the art of online deception. A quick bullet list of the grand conspiracy in his mind being committed by this writer and his deceptive online activities are as follows:

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

October, 2014 LNM Radio Website Shut Down

Michael Vara’s LNM Radio Network website was shut down and removed from Wix.com, Inc.’s servers in early October, 2014 for habitual plagiarism and copyright infringement of my in the realm of internet safety. Wix.com. Inc. eventually allowed his site back on their servers, but with major blocked out portions of the work he plagiarized with a crippled domain. What was www.LateNightInTheMidlands.com for seven years became http://latenightinthemidlan.wix.com/lnm-radio.

Having known Michael Vara and his LNM Radio Network supporters, it is guaranteed once he finds another website hosting company to transfer his site to; his Axis II Narcissistic Personality Disorder will force him to defiantly publish this page. One of the hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the distorted perception of self-importance and superiority. Michael Vara’s grandiosity will lead him to think he is entitled to behave differently than others fueling him to once again activate the page above without consequences to follow.

On or about October 18, 2014, Michael Vara’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder did exactly as predicted. Michael Vara has found another hosting company, launched his website and continues to falsely claim that he’s the creator and author of one of my concepts I designed to introduce young children (K-6) to internet safety, netiquette and digital citizenship.

Not only did I create, design and template Cyber Tyger and Troll Man, but they’re public domain and free to anyone seeking to introduce internet safety to young children. The battle over Troll Man continues with Michael Vara now having a Troll Man page with the blocks removed and a couple of paragraphs of content he’s plagiarized.

In real life and what Michael Vara has engaged is called a Patent Troll. In this instance, Michael Vara would be defined as what’s called a Copyright Troll. Whether called a patent or copyright troll, Michael Vara has used one of my public domain internet safety characters for young children to make accusations that I’m a thief. Even if his nonsense were true, it would be news to me to hear that thieves now steal things that are already free to obtain in the first place.

Troll Man and Cyber Tyger will remain public domain and Michael Vara will have to find a new target. For you the reader or anyone who may be contacted by Michael Vara or his listeners about Troll Man, simply send them this from the United States Copyright Office:

  • Copyright © 2014. iPredator Inc., All Rights Reserved.
  • Troll Man: U.S. Copyright  #1-1796196711
  • Cyber Tyger: U.S. Copyright  #1-1825203061

Donald Breaker & Lyne Stafford Facebook Fakes

The first example of Michael Vara’s counterfeit tactics is a common practice used by many online sexual predators, internet trolls, cyberstalkers and cybercriminals. Creating fake online profiles is also one of the most common cyberbullying tactics used by children when targeting other children. How does this writer know Donald Breaker & Lyne Stafford are fake profiles created by Michael Vara?

Michael Vara told me he used the fake Donald Breaker & Lyne Stafford profiles to monitor others that he suspected of trying to harm his family. When I asked him why they needed to have a hundred plus friends and participating in various Facebook groups with various other social media accounts, Michael Vara reported to make them more believable. Not knowing at who he was using his fake profiles to monitor, I was suspicious but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Again, my naiveté led me to look the other way. I present you two of Michael Vara’s fake accounts on Facebook who go by the names of Donald Breaker and Lyne Stafford.

October 26, 2014 Update-Donald Breaker Gone & Lyne Stafford Changed?

Update 10-26-14: As expected, within 24 hours of publishing this article, Michael Vara’s fake profile, Donald Breaker, has now mysteriously disappeared from Facebook. Not only has Donald Breaker vanished, but he is no longer an admin to one of Michael Vara’s many Facebook group’s. Pasted here is a screen shot taken from September 25, 2014 when Michael Vara made him an admin. Interesting how he’s no longer an admin and is nowhere to be found.

Media iPredators-LNM Radio Network-Late Night in the Midlands-Consumer Alert-Text Image

LNM Radio Network-Michael Vara-Donald Breaker-September 25 2014-Vara Makes Donald Breaker Admin

As for Michael Vara’s other felonious profile, Lyne Stafford, not only has his/her Dr. Nuccitelli gay craigslist listing disappeared from his/her wall, but he/she now has new profile and cover images, which are pasted here. The best part of this update is Michael Vara is claiming I’m Lyne Stafford and he can prove it. I cannot wait to see him do this, given you’ll see below the screen shot of myself emailing Michael Vara the Chemtrail cover image he/she was using as his/her Facebook cover image the day before I published this article. In addition, pasted here is a screen shot of Michael Vara actually claiming I’m Lynne Stafford. It will be quite intriguing to watch how his Late Night in the Midlands listeners and Facebook supporters will believe his nonsense without question.

Michael Vara-LNM Radio Network-Late Night in the Midlands-Media iPredator-iPredator-Consumer Alert

Michael Vara-LNM Radio Network-Lyne Stafford-Late Night in the Midlands-Fake Facebook Profile

Lyne Stafford-Michael Vara-LNM Radio Network-New Fake Profile-Facebook Image

Furthermore, Michael Vara has now stated that the 10-1-14 screen shot in this article showing LNM disciple Mario Perales from Muscatine, Iowa writing in the Spreaker chat room “The only thing that can be Done to people like Dr. Nucc and Lee brackert is to KILL them.” is fake and was photoshopped by myself. I have provided the screen shot here again and interested parties can click on the image to view it full screen and/or save it. By clicking on the image, you will be able to see it in full 900+ px width. Let’s see how the LNM Radio blind faithful will respond to this ridiculous claim.

Late Night In The Midlands-The Last Frequency-Spreaker Show-October 1 2014-Mario Perales-Muscatine-Iowa-Screen Shot of Death Threat

As I was pulling the above images out from the database of evidence we’ve compiled, I came across another interesting screenshot taken of an email I sent Michael Vara on May 8, 2014. As you’ll notice in the screen shot, you’ll see the LNM Radio Network Shield logo I designed and sent him. You’ll also notice a Google Plus URL in the email as well. If you click on his Google Plus URL pasted here, it will bring you to his Google Plus profile that I created too. If you look in my subject line I sent to Michael Vara, it states in all uppercase, “YOUR GOOGLE, GMAIL AND LNM LOGO ATTACHED.”

LNM Radio Network-Dr. Nuccitelli-Email to Michael Vara-May 8 2014-Verification Dr. Nuccitelli Designed LNM Radio Network Logo

LNM Radio Network-Michael Vara-Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D.-Google Plus Cover Image Created and Uploaded May 2014-LNM Logo Dr. Nuccitelli Created Included.

I’m sure Michael Vara will manipulate his listeners into believing that I’ve photoshopped this evidence too. Having now learned his patterns of online, offline and on air deceptive practices, I can already conclude he will state I’ve relied upon my connections with one of the secret societies or federal agencies I work for who assisted in compiling this new information. Although this adversarial relationship feels like a melodramatic high school spat between children, I know if I don’t continue to defend iPredator Inc.’s mission, my associates and my own reputation, Michael Vara and his supporters will continue in their defamation and disinformation campaign unfettered.

Needless to say, the folks and myself here at iPredator Inc. have done their homework and still have a plethora of verifiable evidence to present if needed. The silver lining from this escapade, and before you continue with this report, is to know that when all is said and done, iPredator Inc. will compile all the data and events for an excellent case analysis for online users. Let us move on to the rest of this report and?

Welcome to the Information Age-LNM Radio Network-Late Night in the Midlands-Consumer Alert-Text Image

(to view facebook profiles, you have to have a facebook profile and be logged in)

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Michael Vara is Donald Breaker

Donald Breaker Facebook: (Disappeared within Days of Publishing this Page)

Friends: 168 (Disappeared within Days of Publishing this Page)

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Taking a quick look of his friends, you will notice he is friends with Michael Vara Lnm, Autumn Storer, Riscalla Stephen, Sherri Kane, Peter Kling, Marshall Masters, Jesse Roberts, Norio Hayakawa, Sean David Morton, Candace WhiteLight, Gary Voss, Tommy A Hansen, Gary Leggiere 153 other Facebook members. He follows recent LNM Radio Network guest Michael Tellinger, Andrew D. Basiago and Graham Hancock. Of the 168 friends Donald Breaker [aka, Michael Vara] has, how many of them know Donald Breaker is Michael Vara?

  1. Donald Breaker is both a member of the LNM Radio Network open Facebook group and an administrator along with Ryan Gable and Michael Vara.
  2. Donald Breaker is a member of LNM Radio Network’s Last Frequency open Facebook group.
  3. Donald Breaker reports he’s self-employed, attended the University of Southern California, lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a Facebook member since ***June 20, 2011***. As of October 18, 2014, the last time Donald Breaker posted on his timeline was January 18, 2014 writing “iPredator Team member watch your ass all cyber stalkers” above a warning image.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Michael Vara is Lyne Stafford

12-25-14 Update

Lyne Stafford Facebook:  is now using the name of our pediatric super hero, cyber tyger. Lyne Stafford’s new URL:  https://www.facebook.com/cyberTyger14

(to view facebook profile, you have to have a facebook profile and be logged in)

Lyne Stafford/Michael Vara not only changed his Facebook account URL since publishing this page a couple months ago, but he/she also changed his/her profile image again and now has www.michaelnuccitelli.info pointing to an LNM Radio Network website page that alleges I’m a thief and criminal. “www dot Michael Nuccitelli dot info” now points here:


I published this page on October 24, 2014 and now updating this page on December 25, 2014. Pasting again the same image from above where Michael Vara states, “I am also Lyne Stafford? BS that is Doc Nucc and I can prove it. I save everything scumbags now run and delete your fake accounts.” Clearly, Michael Vara has proved nothing to date because he is Lyne Stafford. I’m not sure if he’s becoming delusional like his partners, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, but why would I buy a domain with my name as the domain name and then point it to an LNM Radio Network page that utterly defames my character?


lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

Taking a quick look of his friends, you will notice her/his is friends with Sherri Kane, Jay InfoWar, Luke Skywatcher, Michael D. Fleming, David Castillo & Roger No Geoengineering O’vernout. 206 other Facebook members. Lyne Stafford/Michael Vara follows Kimberly Shultz Thompson, Matt Collins & Robert Gough. Of the 212 friends Lyne Stafford [aka, Michael Vara] has, how many of them know Lyne Stafford is Michael Vara?

  1. Lyne Stafford is a member of LNM Radio Network’s Last Frequency open Facebook group.
  2. Lyne Stafford reports she use to work as a DJ/Producer for iHeartMedia Inc., attended the Stadium School and presently divorced. She/He joined Facebook February 4, 2014.
  3. Lyne Stafford/Michael Vara uploaded my custom blue Chemtrail cover image on February 7, 2014. I’ve pasted two images here verifying I emailing Michael Vara the blue Chemtrail cover image on February 7, 2014 and then Lyne Stafford/Michael Vara uploading my blue Chemtrail cover image on February 7, 2014. This is indisputable evidence Lyne Stafford is one of Michael Vara’s Fake Facebook profiles.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

  1. On October 9, 2014, Michael Vara/Lyne Stafford created, uploaded and publicly published a felonious Gay sexual classified advertisement of me to disseminate in Craigslist and other classified themed websites. As of October 20, 2014, Michael Vara/Lyne Stafford still has this bogus classified advertisement publicly published.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

  1. On July 9, 2014 and September 14, 2014, Michael Vara/Lyne Stafford created, uploaded and publicly published a defamatory Dr. Nuccitelli image.

lnm-radio-network-internet-talk-radio-independent-news-michael-vara-late-night-in-the- midlands-ipredator-consumer-alert-image

  1. On October 1, 2014, Lyne Stafford/Michael Vara purchased Michael Nuccitelli.info from GoDaddy and pointed the domain to LNM Radio Network’s Internet Radio Guest Troll Page.

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Michael Vara’s Donald Breaker & Jen Hobbs G+ Fake Accounts

(G+ Closed April 2019) 

Donald Breaker/Michael Vara Google Plus Profile https://plus.google.com/u/0/104327469519219481724/about

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Jen Hobbs/ Michael Vara Google Plus Profile https://plus.google.com/u/0/112963566722143503750/posts

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Michael Vara’s Fake Identity Facebook Usernames & Links

  • Donald Breaker Facebook Link (Requires Facebook Account to Access):
  • Lyne Stafford Facebook Link (Requires Facebook Account to Access):

Michael Vara Owned Facebook Page Links

(not all links live anymore)

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Is Michael Vara of LNM Radio an iPredator?

iPredator is an Information Age dark side of human consciousness construct I developed in 2010 to describe the types of online users who use Information and Communications Technology and cyberspace to deceive, steal from, exploit, manipulate, defame and harm other online users. I have provided here the definition and anyone is welcome to visit the iPredator website to read or download the construct at no cost or needing to provide personal information or an email address to down load.

As you read my definition, your insight as to whether you think Michael Vara and/or his listeners meet the criteria for being defined as an iPredator would be greatly appreciated by writing me with your insights to drnucc@ipredatorinc.com


iPredator: A person, group or nation who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, coercion, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. iPredators can be any age or gender and are not bound by economic status, race, religion or national heritage.

iPredator is a global term used to distinguish anyone who engages in criminal, coercive, deviant or abusive behaviors using ICT. Central to the construct is the premise that Information Age criminals, deviants and the violently disturbed are psychopathological classifications new to humanity.

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Whether the offender is a cyberbully, cyberstalker, cyber harasser, internet troll, cybercriminal, online sexual predator, cyber terrorist, online child pornography consumer/distributor, online psychopath or engaged in internet defamation or nefarious cyber deception, they fall within the scope of iPredator. The three criteria used to define an iPredator include:

  • A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT.
  • The usage of ICT to obtain, exchange, deliver and tamper with harmful information.
  • A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.

Unlike human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators rely on the multitude of benefits offered by Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to data available. Malevolent in intent, iPredators rely on their capacity to deceive others using ICT in the abstract and artificial electronic universe known as cyberspace. Therefore, as the internet naturally offers all ICT users anonymity, if they decide, iPredators actively design online profiles and diversionary tactics to remain undetected and untraceable.

Cyberstealth, a sub-tenet of iPredator, is a covert method by which iPredators attempt to establish and sustain complete anonymity while they engage in ICT activities planning their next assault, investigating innovative surveillance technologies or researching the social profiles of their next target. Concurrent with the concept of Cyberstealth is iPredator Victim Intuition [IVI].

An iPredator’s IVI is their aptitude to sense a target’s ODDOR [Offline Distress Dictates Online Response], online & offline vulnerabilities, psychological weaknesses, technological limitations, increasing their success of a cyber-attack with minimal ramifications.

LNM Radio & Michael Vara Queries Answered!

Q: Does Michael Vara meet criteria for being considered an iPredator?

A: Based on the many hours I’ve spent researching recent events related to Michael Vara, his support system and plethora of adolescent cyber attacks, I’ve concluded he fits the profile of iPredator Bridge. He meets two of the three criteria required to be an iPredator, which are I. A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT and II. The usage of ICT to obtain, exchange, deliver and tamper with harmful information. The third iPredator criteria, “III. A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target” is the one criterion I’m not certain he meets.

Although he created the fake profiles of Donald Breaker, Lyne Stafford and Jen Hobbs, he forgot that he not only told me about them, but I had made Lyne Stafford’s Facebook Chemtrail themed cover image for her profile. Outside of his fake profiles, Michael Vara knows little about the art and science of Cyberstealth. It is for this reason I have profiled Michael Vara to fit iPredator Bridge as opposed to iPredator.

Q: Are Michael Vara’s Late Night in the Midlands show listeners being objective or are they perceptually distorted by blind faith and unable to confront his inappropriate public attacks?

A: Not all, but many of Michael Vara’s Late Night in the Midlands show listeners are intoxicated by blind faith and unable to confront or question his malicious public attacks. The best example to illustrate this point is not from his listeners, but from Michael Vara himself. Take a look at the image just above this Q & A section and do you know who created and posted this image on his Facebook wall for all to see? Michael Vara.

The character that he connected himself to looks like none other than Jesus Christ. Not to sound too much like a typical shrink, but would you combine an image of yourself next to an image that looks exactly like Jesus and not mention Christ’s name? In order for Michael Vara to not notice this oversight speaks volumes about how he views himself in relationship to his listeners.

This is a prime example of how his Narcissism is alive and well between his ears. Only a man who views himself at a higher level than others would create this image and not be concerned how others would think he’s being grandiose. This oversight suggests he’s confident that his listeners view him in the same God like light and they would never confront or oppose his actions. For this reason, I’ve concluded a majority of his listeners follow him with blind faith.

The psychodynamics leading to the creation of blind faith seems to mimic the biology of a cancer cell. Seeded with destructive forces, lying dormant until triggered, the malignancy and rapid growth of blind faith infects our internal voices of reason and metastasizes to cognitive, affective, behavioral and perceptual structures of the mind. Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)

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Q: Is Michael Vara engaging in Cyber Harassment and Cyberstalking or is he an Online Psychopath manipulating his listeners into attacking my reputation and iPredator Inc.’s internet safety initiatives?

A: Being a forensic psychologist who’s extensively researched Psychopathy and developed the concept of Online Psychopathy, I don’t think Michael Vara is a Psychopath. However, I do feel he engages in psychopathic behaviors that are destructive and designed to disparage my reputation, iPredator Inc.’s initiatives and other people he targets. Of the three concepts I queried, I’ve concluded Michael Vara is engaging in cyber harassment using disinformation and online deception tactics. Although he’s made threats of physical harm, they haven’t been patterned or direct and cannot be categorized as cyberstalking.


Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a NYS licensed psychologist and cyber criminology consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Adler University in 1994. In 2010, Dr. Nuccitelli authored the dark side of cyberspace concept known as “iPredator.” In November 2011, he established iPredator Inc., offering educational, investigative, and advisory services involving criminal psychology, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, online predators, internet trolls, the dark side of cyberspace and internet safety. Dr. Nuccitelli has worked in the mental health field over the last thirty-plus years and has volunteered his time helping cyber-attacked victims since 2010. His goal is to reduce victimization, theft, and disparagement from iPredators.

In addition to aiding citizens & disseminating educational content, Dr. Nuccitelli’s mission is to initiate a sustained national educational and awareness internet safety campaign with the help of private, state, and federal agencies. He is always available, at no cost, to interact with online users, professionals, and the media. To invite Dr. Nuccitelli to conduct training, media engagements, educational services, or consultation, please call him at (347) 871-2416 or via email at drnucc@ipredatorinc.com.


Founded by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., iPredator Inc. is a NYC Internet Safety Company founded to offer educational and advisory products and services to online users and organizations on cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation and online sexual predation. iPredator Inc.’s goal is to reduce victimization, theft, and disparagement from online perpetrators.
New York City, New York
Phone: 347-871-2416

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