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Internet Radio Troll Campaigns?


Late Night in the Midlands

LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara, Secret Teachings owner Ryan Gable & their uninformed listeners are the reasons why this writer has authored this series of blog posts. This is Part II addressing Internet Radio Troll Tactics & Campaigns serving the purpose to educate online users who actively listen to internet radio. As this writer frequently listens to internet radio, enjoying the range of topics to choose from, there are those shows that disseminate felonious information and/or use internet radio platforms to target and defame other online users. It is unfortunate in this example, it is this writer who was the target. For those interested in reading the first post, the links to iPredator’s Dark Psychology & Dr. Internet Safety blogs are provided here:

LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara-Internet Radio Trolls?

Visit Dark Psychology to read part one of a series of important posts presenting a new subset of Internet Troll called Internet Radio Trolls.


Michael Vara & LNM Radio Network-Internet Radio Trolls?

Visit Dr. Internet Safety to read part one of a series of educational posts addressing a new subset of Internet Troll called Internet Radio Trolls.


“For students and those intrigued by forensics, criminal psychology & the darkside of human consciousness, spend some time reviewing the profiles of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite & Shoko Asahara. Not that Internet Radio Trolls come close in psychopathy and grandiosity as these cult leaders, but how Internet Radio Troll listeners follow them blindly by never questioning their authority is what is eerily similar.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2014)


LNM Radio Network & The Secret Teachings

Note to LNM & Secret Teachings: At any time, iPredator Inc., this writer and his associates remain receptive to removing all personal identification from this page and in social sites. In return, Michael Vara, LNM Radio Network, Ryan Gable, Secret Teachings, Last Frequency & their listeners agree to cease and desist with their habitual attempts at defaming iPredator & this writer. As previously offered, Michael Vara is requested to make a quick announcement on air directing his listeners to refrain from further abuse.

This post and the entire LNM Radio Network & Internet Radio Troll series are this writer’s words in defense of his career and character. The only reason for having to author these is because LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara and Secret Teachings owner, Ryan Gable, refuses to delete or edit their defamatory remarks after requests by this writer. Please know that this writer volunteered his time for three years in exchange for occasional shows disseminating Internet Safety, iPredator & Cyber Attack Prevention Education.

This writer personally created and designed approximately 80-100 images specific to LNM Radio Network and their guest expert topics. Also over the last three years, this writer was a guest 15-20 times, regularly interacted with LNM radio listeners and even assisted many of them when they experienced online & offline issues. If ever challenged by these claims now disclosed, this writer has no problem publishing email exchanges verifying his assistance.

Most amazing is that in two nights, after the August 28th & August 29th shows, this writer was instantly transformed into the proverbial AntiChrist. One would think that some of LNM Radio Network’s listeners would question his obvious felonious claims spewed live on air, but not one listener questioned his claims. Most disturbing was not even those listeners who had previously thanked him for his contributions and educational materials spoke a word of dissent.

This writer does not view Michael Vara, Secret Teachings, Last Frequency, LNM Radio Network or their listeners with disdain. The evidence documented within this writer’s posts illustrate how a small time internet radio show host and his younger co-host, perceive themselves as visionary. On any night Monday-Friday from 9pm-12am EST, anyone can listen to their shows while reading chat room disciples bantering about how brilliant and visionary Michael Vara & Ryan Gable are on a weekly basis. To watch the LNM listeners in action, the direct link is provided here. If you do visit, simply click the (play) button in the audio player and then click the (sign in) button in the chatroom player. Clicking the chat room (sign in) button does not divulge your identity, but simply allows you to follow along in real time.

LNM Radio Network Chatroom:  http://www.latenightinthemidlands.com/#!chat–listen-/c3kj


Provided here are the two YouTube archived shows that  LNM Radio Network & owner Michael Vara refused to delete or edit removing his defamatory remarks. Update 9/12/14: Thank you Spreaker for deleting their inflammatory August 28th & 29th shows targeting iPredator Inc., Dr. Nuccitelli & our internet safety initiatives. Hopefully, this writer and iPredator Inc. supporters can encourage others to flag these same shows in YouTube for deletion. For those willing to help, here are the two YouTube LNM Radio Network Show links we are hoping they will delete. If you have a Google/YouTube account and would like to assist us, visit these links and flag them if you find them defamatory, Although there shows are 3 hours long, their defamation begins within the 1st 10-15 minutes of each show. If you have a problem locating simply Google the titles of each show. Thank you for your help.

12-26-14 Good News Update

12-26-14 Good News Update: As of the last check on 12/25/14, these two defamation themed LNM shows have finally been removed. Thank you YouTube! Given Michael Vara’s entire YouTube Channel was recently deactivated due to multiple infractions of YouTube’s Terms of Service, there is a high probability that removing these shows were required in order to have his channel reactivated. Given Michael Vara regurgitates live on air that he’s always honest with his listeners and has nothing to hide, do you think he told his listeners the truth? All that matters is that cyber justice has caught up with Michael Vara and his juvenile tactics. Again, iPredator Inc. thanks YouTube.

Show I Title: Sailing Rocks & Underground Bases 8-28-14

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS54ky5YoYI (Removed)

Show II Title: Friday Night Round Table 8-29-14

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL2W76pgqU4 (Removed)

Thank you YouTube!

Internet Radio Troll Tactics List

  1. Without consent, LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara disseminated privately shared information live and on air without this target’s knowledge.
  2. While on air and live, LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara presented unsubstantiated, felonious and defamatory information about this target attempting to incite his listeners.
  3. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara used archived shows to share on social sites for encouraging & provoking his listeners to disparage this target.
  4. Like most Internet Radio Trolls, LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara chose this target who does not reside or work within driving distance of his home or place of broadcast.
  5. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara used partial truths and facts about this target that he twisted into highly exaggerated claims to manipulate his listeners into supporting his outlandish claims.
  6. While on air and live, LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara presented felonious and defamatory information about this target without giving him a forum to defend himself.
  7. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara presents himself as a seeker of truth and honesty, while at the same time, regurgitated felonious information about this target.
  8. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara habitually states on air that his listeners are the smartest listeners in the world, thereby manipulating them to feel accepted and part of an exclusive club.
  9. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara habitually states offline, online, off air and on air that he is deeply dedicated to his show and that those listeners who do the same are intellectually advanced.
  10. LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara habitually, if not obsessively, includes statements themed us & them inflaming his listeners sense of distrust for the government, authority and what he refers to as “them.”
  11. Unknown and never disclosed to his listeners, LNM Radio Network & Michael Vara regularly castigated them in private as being backward, paranoid and deluded.
  12. Despite claims that LNM Radio Network is one of the most listened to internet radio shows, Michael Vara’s listeners never question why he must habitually solicit listeners for operating funds.
  13. LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara & co-host Ryan Gable habitually discount the mainstream media and news, but will persistently refer to their information when attempting to validate their insights.


Internet Radio Troll Definitions

Internet Radio Troll Short Definition: A variant of Internet Troll describing internet radio show hosts, their networks and listeners who use online media platforms and social sites to defame & humiliate a person, group, cause or belief without their target’s knowledge or ability to defend themselves.

Internet Radio Troll Formal Definition: A variant of Internet Troll describing internet radio show hosts, their networks and listeners who use online media platforms and social sites to defame & humiliate a person, group, cause or belief. Unique to their profile is how they provoke and encourage their listeners to engage in the same vitriolic behaviors. Unlike Internet Trolls who act alone or in small groups, Internet Radio Trolls manipulate as many listeners as possible to join in their cyber-attacks.

Internet Radio Troll is an umbrella term describing any internet radio show or online media venue that engages in similar deceptive behaviors that LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara. Last Frequency Facebook group members & his listeners have exhibited by singling out and targeting the host’s chosen victim. Working as a group, these entities use cyberspace and Information and Communications Technology to deprecate and defame a past guest, chosen individual or group using a variety of nefarious tactics.

Working as an individual or group, Internet Radio Trolls engage in exhaustive research attempting to locate any past, present or historical information that can be used to defame their target. As the target, this writer presently experiences defamation by LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara & his listeners.


Internet Troll Definition

Internet Troll: An Internet Troll is a colloquial expression used to define an online user who uses Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to purposely and actively provoke, defame, anger, tease, flame, or incite other online users. More often than not, the Internet Troll does not know the target recipient(s) of their vitriolic statements and behaviors. Internet Trolls regularly appear in all forms of online mediums ranging from online video gaming gatherings to chatroom and forum discussions. When the Internet Troll’s inflammatory statements and actions do not include a direct or implied physical threat to the target(s), their behavior is categorizes as cyber harassment. If the Troll’s verbal assaults include direct or implied physical threats to their target(s), their actions are then defined as cyberstalking.

The motivations for an Internet Troll’s provocative, and often times, bizarre behaviors are numerous. Despite the variations in modus operandi, the vast majority of Trolls are seeking attention, recognition, stimulation pseudo-notoriety and retribution for some unknown perceived injustice. Although there is no hard evidence or clinical research validating the psychology of the Internet Troll, it is commonly believed that the “Veil of Anonymity” afforded to every online user inspires some to engage in egregious behaviors. Those who have begun to investigate the etiology of the Troll suggest that the anonymity of the internet contributes to what has been called, disinhibition effect. It has been postulated that internet anonymity leads some to behave in asocial ways coupled with a lack of guilt or remorse for the harm they cause not being in the target’s physical presence or even knowing their identity.

  1. Most often gender male.
  2. Spends long periods of time online and likely internet addicted or at risk for becoming internet dependent.
  3. Meets all three criteria for being categorized as an iPredator.
  4. A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT.
  5. The usage of ICT to obtain, tamper with, exchange and deliver harmful information.
  6. A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.
  7. Tends to have few offline friends and online friends often engage in the same type of online harassment.
  8. Highly susceptible to the states of de-individuation and the disinhibition effect experienced, to some degree, by all online users. For Internet Trolls, these states are highly influential in their online lives.
  9. They are psychopathological in experiencing power and control online fueled by their offline reality of being insignificant, angry and alone.
  10. The severity and magnitude of psychological abuse they inflict upon their online targets is directly correlated to their probability of suffering from an Axis I, Axis II or Dual Diagnose mental illness.
  11. When online, exhibit a lack of empathy, have minimal capacity to experience shame or guilt and behaves with callousness and a grandiose sense of self.
  12. From a psychodynamic standpoint, Internet Trolls create and sustain an intra-psychic myth of power, greatness and domination. Although all humanity is guided through life by internal myths and archetypes, the Internet Troll’s myths and archetypes are highly distorted.
  13. They are developmentally immature, tend to be chronically isolated and have had minimal to no intimate relationships.


iPredator Definition

iPredator: A person, group or nation who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, coercion, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. iPredators can be any age or gender and are not bound by economic status, race, religion or national heritage. iPredator is a global term used to distinguish anyone who engages in criminal, coercive, deviant or abusive behaviors using ICT. Central to the construct is the premise that Information Age criminals, deviants and the violently disturbed are psychopathological classifications new to humanity.

Whether the offender is a cyberbully, cyberstalker, cyber harasser, internet troll, cybercriminal, online sexual predator, cyber terrorist, online child pornography consumer/distributor or engaged in internet defamation or nefarious online deception, they fall within the scope of iPredator. The three criteria used to define an iPredator include:

  • A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT.
  • The usage of ICT to obtain, tamper with, exchange and deliver harmful information.
  • A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.

Unlike human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators include the multitude of benefits offered by Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to data available. Malevolent in intent, iPredators rely on their capacity to deceive others using ICT in the abstract and artificial electronic universe known as cyberspace. Therefore, as the internet naturally offers all ICT users anonymity, if they decide, iPredators actively design online profiles and diversionary tactics to remain undetected and untraceable.

Cyberstealth, a sub-tenet of iPredator, is a covert method by which iPredators attempt to establish and sustain complete anonymity while they engage in ICT activities planning their next assault, investigating innovative surveillance technologies or researching the social profiles of their next target. Concurrent with the concept of Cyberstealth is iPredator Victim Intuition [IVI]. An iPredator’s IVI is their aptitude to sense a target’s ODDOR [Offline Distress Dictates Online Response], online & offline vulnerabilities, psychological weaknesses, technological limitations, increasing their success of a cyber-attack with minimal ramifications.

“Although the benefits of Information and Communications Technology far outweigh the detriments for society, humanity has been seduced by the illusory notion that more technology translates into a better quality of life.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. [2014]


2014 Year End Note: As of December 2014, and assuredly moving into 2015, Michael Vara and his LNM Radio supporter’s defamation and slander continues, combined with inventing preposterous stories of nefarious campaigns, that I’m spearheading, to shut down their website and shows. Although I’ve compiled an enormous database of evidence all pointing to LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara and his associates as being the source of these attacks, I’m ethically bound to say the information contained herein are allegations until a court of law makes the final determination. Thanks to iPredator legal representatives who have reviewed my evidence, LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara & his associates documented ongoing attempts to change and alter my compiled evidence makes them even more culpable then if they did nothing at all.

Having absolutely no evidence of my involvement with his show, other than briefly allowing an associate to house his unfinished documentary in our Google Drive, I can only conclude their ongoing defamatory campaigns are designed to increase donations and listener support. I can only hope Mr. Vara and his associates bring in the New Year with a resolution focused on using ethical and honest marketing campaigns as opposed to defamation and paranoia filled nonsense.

Dr. Internet Safety

Dr. Internet Safety: Dr. Internet Safety (aka, Doc iSafety) is an abstract pediatric internet safety character that educates tweens, teens and primary caregivers about cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, online sexual predation, cyber security, the dark side of cyberspace, internet addiction and developmentally appropriate iPredator concepts. Dr. Internet Safety is Developmental Psychology and adolescent maturation savvy in relationship to Information Age tweens and teens.

Dr. Internet Safety accepts and communicates to children supporting their perceptual distortion of viewing themselves as being more technology, social media and cyber safety skilled than their adult counterparts. From a societal standpoint, Dr. Internet Safety seeks to make all K-12 educational systems include internet safety classes compulsory for all American school districts. Furthermore, Dr. Internet Safety has graduate level experience in iPredator profiling, online deception, internet addiction and iPredator Inc.’s Information Age Education concept of humility, prevention education and non-denominational family values as being vital to children of the Information Age. To help Dr. Internet Safety teach young children about internet safety, he relies upon the help from iPredator Inc.’s internet safety characters, Cyber Tyger and Troll Man. Created for young children, K-5, Dr. Internet Safety knows Troll Man vs. Cyber Tyger is an exceptional educational tool.

“Unlike traditional human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators rely on the multitude of benefits offered by Information and Communications Technology. These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to the data available.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2011)

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a New York State licensed psychologist and forensic consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1994 from the Adler School of Professional Psychology. In 1997, Dr. Nuccitelli became a licensed psychologist in New York State. In November 2011, Dr. Nuccitelli and his colleagues established iPredator Inc. offering educational, investigation and advisory services regarding internet predators, cybercrime & the darkside of cyberspace. In June 2013, Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. launched their internet safety website, iPredator, and two blogs, Dark Psychology & Dr. Internet Safety offering site visitors an incredible amount of information, education and advisory services. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Nuccitelli has worked in the mental health field in a variety of capacities with various clinical populations.

“By virtue of the proverbial cloak of anonymity so conveniently provided by Information and Communications Technology, iPredators troll cyberspace with a distinct advantage in that they may represent themselves in any way they choose.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2012)

iPredator Inc.

iPredator Inc. is a New York State based Cybercriminal Psychology and Internet Safety Company founded in September 2011 to provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation, internet addiction and the new fields they are pioneering called Cybercriminal Psychology & Profiling. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants.

Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. consultants are always available, at no cost, to interact with online users and media. In addition to professional services, Dr. Nuccitelli has authored a variety of internet safety tools, cyber attack risk assessments and diagnostic tests available to purchase as hard copy PDF files.

Although iPredator Inc. has joined a multitude of social networking sites, feel free to visit the social sites listed below they use as their information and announcement vehicles. Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. consultants are always available, at no cost, to interact with academia, law enforcement, legal professionals and the media. To invite Dr. Nuccitelli to conduct training, educational service or consultation, he can be reached by calling 347-871-2416 or via email at drnucc@ipredatorinc.com.


“In nature, wild animals stalk and measure their prey using stealth and tactical strategies increasing their probability of success while decreasing potential for injury. iPredators also use stealth, Cyberstealth, to stalk online users increasing the probability of achieving their aims, while decreasing their potential of identification and punishment.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. (2012)



Author: Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.
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LNM Radio Network-Internet Radio Troll Campaigns?

iPredator Inc. is a NYS based Information Age Forensics Company founded to provide educational and advisory products & services to online users on cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation and cyber deception. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants. In addition to assisting citizens, iPredator Inc.’s mission is to initiate a nationally sustained internet safety and cyber attack prevention educational & awareness campaign with the help of private, state and federal agencies.
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