Vimeo Deletes LNM Radio Network Hate Speech Shows

Michael Vara of “The Late Night in the Midlands” has had his shows deleted for Hate Speech by the video sharing company, Vimeo. Michael Vara, owner & host of LMN Radio Network, owns a small internet radio network broadcasting online a handful of talk radio shows weekly. Based in South Carolina, Michael Vara and LNM Radio Network broadcast shows themed within the realm of Alternative News. Recently, two of their shows broadcasted online August 28th and August 29th 2014, were deleted for breaching Vimeo’s Terms of Use and/or Community Guidelines.

Vimeo is an American based Video Sharing website for online users to watch, upload and share videos online using their platform. If it were true when host of the show, Michael Vara, publicly stated on his public Facebook account on September 28, 2014 that the shows were deleted for Hate Speech, this writer who was the target of his Hate Speech would concur.

Although confirmation cannot be verified, information published on one of their many public Facebook accounts suggest their deletions were due to broadcasting information involving Hate Speech. For those with a Facebook account, visit LNM Radio Network and Michael Vara’s public account by clicking here: If the reader does not have a Facebook account, provided here is a screen shot of Michael Vara’s comment. In addition to writing his shows were deleted for including Hate Speech, he proceeds to write that Vimeo supports Cyberstalkers & Internet Trolls.


LNM Radio Hate Speech Shows Deleted


Although LNM Radio Network’s owner and host, Michael Vara, would know why Vimeo decided to remove his shows, he has yet to comment publicly. For those seeking to interview Mr. Vara about Vimeo’s decision, their Late Night in the Midlands posts their contact number as 802-317-2264 and email address as LNM Radio Network does not publish their full address so their contact information cannot be confirmed.

As the person who was the target of the now deleted two LNM Radio Network shows, this writer thanks Vimeo for their decision. It was during those two shows that Michael Vara read verbatim this writer’s private emails and defamed his character, career and integrity without this writer having a chance to defend his felonious allegations. This writer is happy to know that a large business such as Vimeo, would delete their shows because they involved Hate Speech themed content.

Although defamed during those shows and the harassment and threats received after them from Michael Vara & his listeners continues at present, this writer is pleased by Vimeo’s decision. As of the date of publishing this blog post September 30, 2014, LNM Radio Network’s August 28 and August 29th, 2014 have now been deleted by both Vimeo and Spreaker. In both instances, these shows were deleted for breaching the Terms of Use & Community Guidelines. Unfortunately, it was the owner and host, Michael Vara, who did not delete or edit them after requested by this writer to remove the defamatory content.


2014 Year End Note: As of December 2014, and assuredly moving into 2015, Michael Vara and his LNM Radio supporter’s defamation and slander continues, combined with inventing preposterous stories of nefarious campaigns, that I’m spearheading, to shut down their website and shows. Although I’ve compiled an enormous database of evidence all pointing to LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara and his associates as being the source of these attacks, I’m ethically bound to say the information contained herein are allegations until a court of law makes the final determination. Thanks to iPredator legal representatives who have reviewed my evidence, LNM Radio Network, Michael Vara & his associates documented ongoing attempts to change and alter my compiled evidence makes them even more culpable then if they did nothing at all.

Having absolutely no evidence of my involvement with his show, other than briefly allowing an associate to house his unfinished documentary in our Google Drive, I can only conclude their ongoing defamatory campaigns are designed to increase donations and listener support. I can only hope Mr. Vara and his associates bring in the New Year with a resolution focused on using ethical and honest marketing campaigns as opposed to defamation and paranoia filled nonsense.

12-26-14 Good News Update

12-26-14 Good News Update: As of the last check on 12/25/14, these two defamation themed LNM shows have finally been removed. Thank you YouTube! Given Michael Vara’s entire YouTube Channel was recently deactivated due to multiple infractions of YouTube’s Terms of Service, there is a high probability that removing these shows were required in order to have his channel reactivated. Given Michael Vara regurgitates live on air that he’s always honest with his listeners and has nothing to hide, do you think he told his listeners the truth? All that matters is that cyber justice has caught up with Michael Vara and his juvenile tactics. Again, iPredator Inc. thanks YouTube.

Show I Title: Sailing Rocks & Underground Bases 8-28-14

YouTube Link: (Removed)

Show II Title: Friday Night Round Table 8-29-14

YouTube Link: (Removed)

Thank you YouTube!


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